How Democracies Die: A Book Review

The rise of authoritarian leaders such as Trump in the US, Bolsonaro in Brasil or Erdogan in Turkey makes us feel concerned about the state of our democracies. In their book 'How Democracies Die', Levitsky and Ziblatt provide us with a very informative and acurate analysis of why our democracies slowly deteriorate.


Digital Tax: What are we Waiting For?

A digital tax on companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and co was one of the key projects of the Franco-German tandem, following the renewal of the partnership at the Meseberg summit. Yet, the outcome of the negotiations so far is rather sobering.

Timoty Snyder on Russia’s Threat to our Democracies

In his newest book 'The Road to Unfreedom', the US-American historian Timothy Snyder analyses Russia's increasing interference in Western democracies and in its neighbourhood and it is justified by a nationalist ideological discourse. It is a captivating book which makes us aware of how fragile our own democracies are.

Universalität der westlichen Kultur

Bei meiner Lektüre des Aufsatzes ‚Es gibt keine kulturelle Identität’ von François Jullien nahm ich Anstoß an der Kritik des Universalitätsanspruchs der westlichen Kultur, die der Autor als Ausgangspunkt für sein Plädoyer für ein neues Verhältnis zu anderen Kulturen nimmt. Die Kritik am westlichen Hegemonie-Anspruch ist weitgehend berechtigt und sein Vorschlag, ein neues Verhältnis zu... Weiterlesen →

The Political and the Social in the French Revolution

In her book On Revolution, Arendt analyzes how two events, the French Revolution and the American Revolution, sought to establish a new political order based on freedom. Despite having fundamentally changed our understanding of the political, none of these two revolutions succeeded in achieving this aim. In particular, Arendt is very critical of the French... Weiterlesen →

Hannah Arendt on Freedom and Revolution

Since the two big revolutions of the 18th century, the American revolution and the French revolution, freedom has become a central political concept. In both cases, men and women stood up to free themselves from oppression and eventually demanded a new political order. The aim was to establish an order based on freedom. Hannah Arendt... Weiterlesen →

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