Tax Evasion and Global Inequalities

Offshore structures are allowing rich people to shift their wealth abroad and hide it from tax authorities, while global inequalities are growing. The international community has to take decisive action.


What can History Teach us?

„What makes you think that some values are the right ones for everyone?“. I was walking through the streets of Berlin lately with a friend of mine and we were having an argument over values. We both agreed that rightwing populists were immoral, insofar as they propagated xenophobic and sometimes even racist thoughts. In my... Weiterlesen →

Verhofstadt Surrenders to political Opportunism

The presidential elections in the European Parliament last week have shown low instincts and political intrigues at their best. Opportunism and the strive for power have prevailed over political integrity and the adherence to values and ideas. Guy Verhofstadt has best illustrated how quickly one can fall prey to the little intrigues and deals that animate life... Weiterlesen →

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