Digital Tax: What are we Waiting For?

A digital tax on companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and co was one of the key projects of the Franco-German tandem, following the renewal of the partnership at the Meseberg summit. Yet, the outcome of the negotiations so far is rather sobering.



Co-authored with Ninon Lagarde This article was originally published on TheNewFederalist In the context of the ongoing discussions on the next MFF of the EU, it has repeatedly been suggested to cut EU funds for EU Member States which do not fully comply with European values. We write this article to explain why we are... Weiterlesen →

Proposals on a Eurozone Governance

The outcome of the French elections are likely to have far-reaching consequences for the European project. It is a showdown between pro-European figures who want to relaunch the European integration on the one side, and eurosceptics who want to destroy it on the other. This article is a critical discussion of the eurozone parliament, one... Weiterlesen →

Offshore Centres and Developing countries: Do we have a moral duty to fight the offshore industry?

Offshore structures are abused for purposes of money laundering, corruption, tax avoidance and tax evasion. This has adverse effects on developing countries, in particular, which are further destabilised and lose important sources of revenue. The Western world is responsible for this, insofar as it helps sustain the offshore economy. One reason the life-span of the... Weiterlesen →

The European Parliament Investigates

Could the inquiry committee on the Panama Papers force Juncker to step down? Inquiry committees are normally a powerful tools for parliaments to control executive bodies. The European Parliament however lacks significant powers to make effecive use of its right of inquiry. The Commission has no reason to worry. PANA Committee invites Juncker Committees of investigations are... Weiterlesen →

Malta: When a Tax Haven Turns into an Offshore Hell

Watch out for the Panama Papers committee visit to Malta. Tomorrow, Monday 19 February, Members of the European Parliament Inquiry Committee into tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering will travel to Malta to meet with politicians and institutions who were involved in the Panama Papers scandal. The MEPs are expected to voice harsh criticism... Weiterlesen →

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