Einsichten aus der Arbeit im Europaparlament

Diese Woche hat das Europäische Parlament zum letzten Mal in dieser Legislaturperiode getagt. Für mich heißt das, dass meine Zeit als parlamentarischer Mitarbeit und somit eine weitere Phase meines Lebens sich seinem Ende zuneigt. Deshalb ist jetzt ein guter Augenblick, um auf diese Zeit zurückzublicken, und zusammenzufassen, was ich aus dieser Zeit mitnehmen. Hier sind... Weiterlesen →


Digital Tax: What are we Waiting For?

A digital tax on companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and co was one of the key projects of the Franco-German tandem, following the renewal of the partnership at the Meseberg summit. Yet, the outcome of the negotiations so far is rather sobering.

A GroKo for the Sake of Europe (by Chris)

On Sunday 28 January, I have a written an article in which I put forward my arguments, why the SPD should not enter a new grand coalition with Merkel's conservative bloc. The following reply was written by Christopher Glück who takes a contrary position and makes a strong case for saying that the SPD should... Weiterlesen →

No GroKo!

  Last Sunday, 21 January 2018, the German Social Democrats Party (SPD) approved the continuation of coalition talks with Merkel's conservative bloc (CDU/CSU) on a special party convention in Bonn. Coalition talks will begin next week. Merkel indicated that she wanted an agreement to be reach before Carnival, i.e. before February 8th. Before the SPD... Weiterlesen →

Travelling on the Schulzzug

Last week, I have travelled through Germany and campaigned  together with the Jusos (young socialists, the party youth affiliated to the social democratic party (SPD)) for the upcoming federal elections. Besides offering support to my party, it was a good occasion to gather some impression of the current political mood in Germany. The following article... Weiterlesen →

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