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I’ve always tried not to be a squirrel. Squirrels are always distracted and don’t know where to go. You can often see them going around in the park. They start going into one direction – but then, suddenly, they switch and go into another direction. It looks as if they wanted to be everywhere at the same time. But they are not able to commit to one single direction.

That’s how I feel when I try to realise all my various interests. I started as a music-fan, when I was young, listening to rock and jazz music and aspiring to be a musician. Then, I became passionate about literature and wanted to become a writer. That’s why I started studying English philology at university. But it didn’t take long that I became passionate about the debates that were going on in the institute for philosophy at the Freie Universität. Once again, I changed my direction, diving deep into the thoughts of Hegel, Heidegger and the like. I realised however that philosophy alone would not bring me far in life. I was completely out of touch with reality when I finished my master’s degree and I needed something more practical. That’s why I eventually went into European Studies and got interested into politics, economy and society.

The Squirrel’s Thought Box is an attempt to bring together all those different aspirations and give my endeavours into those various fields some permanency. Being a squirrel – in the sense of having many different interests – is not bad in itself. Curiosity makes life much more diverse and exiting because you can always discover new things in the world. That’s why I’d rather be a squirrel than a lion, for instance. Lions are boring. They sleep the entire day and only start moving when they’re hungry. They don’t care about the rest. Squirrels, by contrast, have to be informed about everything that goes on around them. However, the problem of so much information is that you quickly loose an overview. You forget things and you have to come back to places you’ve already seen.

In a nutshell, I want to give my various interests some consistency so that I can follow one stream of thought without neglecting the other. In this blog, I want to combine music, literature, philosophy, politics, economics and society. Everything is related! It just takes a little more effort to create a bridge from one field to the other.

Finally, one little remark about the language policies: Having grown up as a citizen of the world, living in Germany, Israel, Poland and travelling all over the world, I will not stick to only one language. You will find articles mostly in German, French and English. Due to my limited capacities, I will not be able to translate them all. Please forgive me, if you do not master one of these languages sufficiently, to understand some of my articles.


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