The March of Europe: An Awakening of Civil Society

Brexit and the Trump elections have shown that we cannot stay indifferent to growing populism and nationalism. If we fail to act, we will be responsible if something goes wrong. The March of Europe was therefore an important sign to make pressure on European leaders to endorse European integration, which is at risk of being... weiterlesen →


Offshore Centres and Developing countries: Do we have a moral duty to fight the offshore industry?

Offshore structures are abused for purposes of money laundering, corruption, tax avoidance and tax evasion. This has adverse effects on developing countries, in particular, which are further destabilised and lose important sources of revenue. The Western world is responsible for this, insofar as it helps sustain the offshore economy. One reason the life-span of the... weiterlesen →

The European Parliament Investigates

Could the inquiry committee on the Panama Papers force Juncker to step down? Inquiry committees are normally a powerful tools for parliaments to control executive bodies. The European Parliament however lacks significant powers to make effecive use of its right of inquiry. The Commission has no reason to worry. PANA Committee invites Juncker Committees of investigations are... weiterlesen →

Malta: When a Tax Haven Turns into an Offshore Hell

Watch out for the Panama Papers committee visit to Malta. Tomorrow, Monday 19 February, Members of the European Parliament Inquiry Committee into tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering will travel to Malta to meet with politicians and institutions who were involved in the Panama Papers scandal. The MEPs are expected to voice harsh criticism... weiterlesen →

What can History Teach us?

„What makes you think that some values are the right ones for everyone?“. I was walking through the streets of Berlin lately with a friend of mine and we were having an argument over values. We both agreed that rightwing populists were immoral, insofar as they propagated xenophobic and sometimes even racist thoughts. In my... weiterlesen →

Verhofstadt Surrenders to political Opportunism

The presidential elections in the European Parliament last week have shown low instincts and political intrigues at their best. Opportunism and the strive for power have prevailed over political integrity and the adherence to values and ideas. Guy Verhofstadt has best illustrated how quickly one can fall prey to the little intrigues and deals that animate life... weiterlesen →

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